My Story - Giulia Marapodi: A Path of Passion and Excellence in Wedding Makeup Hairstyling

Certificate awarded to Giulia Marapodi

Hi, I am Giulia Marapodi, born Giulia Pichiugina, a professional in the bridal hairstyling and makeup industry with international experience. This photo represents one of my most valuable diplomas in the field of bridal hairstyling, earned in Moscow. Originally from Novosibirsk, Siberia, I laid the foundations of my career in Rome, where I have lived since 2000.My salon, Acconciature Matrimonio Roma Prati located at Viale Angelico 2, has become a reference point for brides and clients seeking makeup and hairstyling services for events. I am personally dedicated to every detail of my brides’ image, from the initial consultation to the final realization of their look.


Giulia Marapodi

In my blog, “Wedding Hairstyles,” I share the latest trends in the world of bridal and event hairstyles, from eighteenth anniversaries to graduation parties, from semi-sheer hairstyles for bridesmaids to international trends in makeup and ceremony hairstyles.My life has been a journey of constant learning and passion. I strongly believe in the power of positivity and face every challenge with a smile. My commitment to my work is deep, and I devote much of my free time to perfecting my skills, always keeping up with new techniques in makeup and hairstyling. This relentless pursuit of excellence has transformed me from a girl full of dreams in Siberia to a globally acclaimed and in-demand professional

Certificate of makeup and hairstyle of my story

Makeup and hairstyle certificate of my story

My education has been an exciting journey, never burdensome, because following one’s dreams makes every challenge lighter. Despite my constant efforts, I always find quality time to devote to my family. I value honesty, openness, courage and commitment in people, and I firmly believe in the power of change.My next goal? Traveling around the world with my family, taking my art and passion everywhere. And, if my life so far is any indication, I know that this dream will be realized soon.

Certificate of makeup and hairstyle of my story



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