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With our Bridal Makeup and Hairstyling services and special events we are present both in Rome and abroad

Makeup Services Wedding Hairstyles Rome- Giulia Marapodi

In our beauty salon , we offer luxury wedding hair and makeup services designed to make every bride shine on her most important day. Our team of experienced professionals works with dedication to create customized hair looks that enhance individual beauty and reflect the sophisticated elegance required for special occasions.

In the area of hairstyles, we offer a wide range of styles, from elegant and refined gathered hairstyles, to romantic semi-gathered,to more modern and daring looks. Each hairstyle is carefully created to complement the wedding dress and the entire wedding theme.

When it comes to bridal makeup, we use only high-quality products to ensure a flawless and long-lasting look. Whether you prefer a natural, luminous look or bolder makeup, our goal is to achieve a vision that makes you feel beautiful and confident.

At our hair salon Wedding Hairstyles in Rome, we believe that every bride deserves a luxurious service that makes her feel unique and special. We are here to offer you an unforgettable beauty experience.

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Makeup and hairstyling events

In addition to services for brides, Giulia Marapodi offers makeup and hairstyling for special events. Whether it is an anniversary, graduation party or gala event, our team of professionals is dedicated to creating looks that reflect not only the latest fashion trends, but also the personality and inner beauty of each client.

We pay special attention to detail and strive to understand each client’s expectations through careful interviewing, ensuring that each look is unique and personalized. Contact us to learn more about our special event services and find out how we can achieve the best hair look for your event

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Event hairstyles

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wedding hairstyling services

Wedding hairstyles accessories

Giulia Marapodi also offers a selection of wedding hair accessories to complete your bridal look. From elegant hair clips to romantic headbands, our accessories are chosen to reflect the latest fashion trends and add a touch of luxury to your bridal look.

Each wedding hairstyle accessory is carefully selected to complement our hairstyles and to reflect each bride’s personality and style. During your consultation, we will discuss your preferences and choose the accessories that best suit your bridal look. Contact us to learn more about our wedding hair accessories services.

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Bridal Accessories by Giulia Marapodi

Bridal Accessories

Giulia Marapodi bridal stylistbridal hair accessoriesbridal hair accessories

All bridal hair accessories are designed by Stylist Giulia Marapodi and made in artisan workshop,the material used for production: silver and bronze. There are as many models that can be ordered

wedding hairstyling services

Giulia Marapodi

Bridal Stylist the wedding professional at your side

Styling Process

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