With training in prestigious Russian academies and extensive experience with the best teachers in the industry, Julia offers bridal makeup and hairstyling services that define luxury and elegance. A protagonist in every season of creating the fashion trends that make people dream, she assigns every bride the right makeup and hairstyle.

Her professionalism believes that attention to style down to the smallest detail is what makes the difference, and it is what every bride would want in creating the look that will make her beautiful on her ceremony day. The bride’s beauty look is made up of a collection of many small details that must fit together perfectly, like an image exactly dreamed up by the bride for that day.

The first rule not to go wrong is not to make a woman different on her wedding day. When choosing wedding hairstyle makeup, there are many aspects to consider. At this juncture, Julia transforms herself into a hairstylist,going beyond the look with an overview determined by gathering data through a careful interview aimed at the bride.

From this interview, crucial details such as the style of the dress, the idea of the wedding, the type of location, and the setting will emerge. All these elements help Giulia create the perfect look for every bride.

Makeup Wedding Hairstyles Rome Prati

crop hairstyle

Harvest makeup hairstyle


delicate bridal makeup

Delicate bridal makeup


crop hairstyle on the head

Harvest hairstyle on the head


Custom Makeup and Hairstyles for Brides

For some time, stylist Giulia Marapodi has been a reference not only in Rome, where she has her beauty studio, but also internationally. Her clientele requests customized makeup and hairstyles for the bride, ranging from gathered hairstyles to semi-collected to hairstyles for brides with short hair. To these requests, Julia offers many solutions, creating a unique experience for each bride.

With social media, you can get anywhere. The important thing is to be able to find the person who is most in tune with our vision, the one who can best interpret what we want, even giving added value. That special touch we never imagined can only be provided by those with experience in hairstyling and makeup and an artistic sensibility.

Always attentive to the newest trends in bridal fashion, Giulia’s collaborators, now in perfect harmony with her, develop creations and study hairstyles based on the requests received. To realize some of the services we offer and the choices there are, it is good to look at our website and our hair and makeup portfolio.

Our makeup and hairstyling services for brides in Rome can be requested either in the studio or nationwide. If you choose us, we will be happy to follow you on the most important day of your life, making you perfect for the occasion. Contact us to make an appointment, at our Rome Prati Wedding Hairstyles studio, located at Viale Angelico 2.

Giulia Marapodi with her stunning Ceremony Hairstyles

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bridal hairstyle loose hair

Bridal hairstyle loose hair


bridal hairstyle loose hair elegant

Bridal hairstyle loose hair elegant


semi-braided hairstyle with braid

Bridal hairstyle semi-bonded hair





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