Academy master courses Wedding hairstyles and events online or in-person

Learn the secrets of wedding and event hairstyles from Giulia Marapodi

Academy wedding makeup and hairstyles

Want to take your hair stylist skills to a high level with bridal hairstyling and special event hair styling classes in Rome ? don’t wait follow our online Academiy and be informed about all the latest in bridal hairstyling and special events.

Academy wedding makeup and hairstyles

In an ever-changing society learn in our Academy with Giulia Marapodi the professional in the field Wedding Hairstyles and all special events, a job that has a solid foundation that will guarantee you a future, where you can express your creativity

Academy wedding makeup and hairstyles

Academy Giulia Marapodi

Make your dream come true become a professional Bridal Hairstylist

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The world of work is constantly changing being in step with the times means intercepting trends in the bridal hairstyling industry is what we explain in our training courses

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